We are starting something new this year! We have some special ideas and discounts for those of you that love dancing and contributing to this community as much as we do. Becoming a member gives us all an opportunity to support upcoming events, as well as our community members. Memberships allow us to keep Tuesday nights free. We currently have three types of memberships that have a variety of perks. The membership types are related back to the space travel heritage of this city. We have; Specialists, Flight Crew, and Commanders. More details are below.


Rocket Westies Specialist – Student Members



Discounts to workshops

Access to Townhall Meetings

Rocket Westies Flight Crew (Base Membership)



Discounts to workshop events

Access to Monthly Townhall Meetings

Rocket Westies Commander (Premeir Membership)



Discounts at Workshops

Premier Members Only Events

Recognition at Westies on the Water

Commander’s Apparel

Exclusive Premier Reception at Monthly Town Hall Meeting

And more…

If you have questions about these memberships please email wotwprod@gmail.com

Follow this link to obtain a membership https://my-site-rwmember.square.site/