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    A Community of West Coast Swing Dancers Here in the Rocket City

What Is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a modern swing dance which grew out of Lindy Hop in the 1900s, taking influences from a wide variety of other dances over the decades. Today, West Coast Swing is danced all over the world to an enormous variety of musical genres.

The Rocket Westies are Huntsville’s West Coast Swing dance community, with a mission to promote West Coast Swing throughout the city. We are committed to sharing our love of the dance with everyone, from complete beginners to advanced competitors.

West Coast Swing is a radically inclusive dance, constantly adapting to changes in popular music and emphasizing personal expression with its dynamic partnership elements. West Coast Swing is for everyone – including you!

Three reasons to check out The Rocket Westies:


There is nothing like belonging to a warm, welcoming, supportive community. And that is exactly what The Rocket Westies are. Our free dance socials are the heart of our community, and we can’t wait to see you there!

We know that attending a dance class for the first time can be intimidating, even if you have danced before. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable, so you can enjoy learning, dancing, and making new friends.


We love West Coast Swing… I mean, that’s what we’re all about! We dance. We smile. We laugh. We are happy. And when we are unable to dance, we truly miss it. We know there are others out there who will feel the same way, and it is our mission – and our passion – to spread the love we’ve found.


It’s important for us to foster the best possibly community for people to learn and dance West Coast Swing in the Huntsville area. We strive to provide a place for everyone to build a solid foundation for their dance with our Fundamentals class, and to provide opportunities for members to grow beyond the basics with guest instructors and special-topic workshops. We also organize the only West Coast Swing events held in Alabama: Rocket City Swing and Bama Jamma.

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