Have specific dancing goals in mind? Whether it’s feeling more comfortable in the social dancing scene, focusing on technique, nailing a specific pattern, or preparing for competition…

Private lessons have many benefits and are a great way to progress your dancing at a faster rate. Lessons provide you with 100% of your instructor’s time and attention and an individualized focus to your specific needs.

All of our instructors are available for private lessons. If interested, please email or fill out the form on our contact page.

Jennifer Nye

Jenn has been dancing since 1996 and has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor since 2005. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, she specializes in West Coast Swing and regularly teaches with Rocket Westies, as well as at local Ballrooms. Additionally, Jenn is a regular West Coast Swing competitor at events across the US and has placed in multiple divisions. Above all else, Jenn believes in elevating everyone’s dance and you’re never too old to learn how to.

Patrick Moise

Founder & President, Rocket Westies

Patrick has always loved dancing – in all its forms. Growing up in a caribbean family, he was always surrounded with Latin sounds, including Zouk and Salsa music. He fell in love with West Coast Swing (WCS) in 2004. Dancing competitively since 2011, Patrick has earned multiple championships at local and international events. He has been teaching and hosting events since 2015. As a founding member and President of Rocket Westies in Huntsville, Alabama, he is dedicated to promoting WCS in the Tennessee Valley. Patrick also has over 20 years of DJ and Master of Ceremony experience. From instructor, to competitor, to event director, to DJ, to conference promoter, he is excited to spread the love of West Coast Swing to the Rocket City and beyond!

Travis Nixon

Travis started dancing in 2014 and soon fell in love with West Coast Swing. He has been competing in the Rising Star division since 2015. Having coached soccer for several years, he loves sharing his knowledge with others and has turned that love towards dance. Travis’s teaching credentials include Amendment XXI, The Flying Monkey, and Madison Ballroom. Always wanting to help foster a stronger community, he enjoys supporting and instructing at local and regional events.

Jake Haning

Jake is a champion level dancer having won the Classic Division on multiple occasions. He is an enthusiastic, and creative dance professional specializing in West Coast Swing. He started his dance journey twenty years ago.